Bravo Body Art is committed to artistic and entertainment excellence. We are a fun-loving yet professional company that is dedicated to artistic excellence.

Body art creates memories! The impact of a painted person whether it be their face, arms, back or entire body is incredible. People take notice of this art form in a very positive way. It is extremely memorable both for those being painted and those viewing the art. Thus, body art is perfect for public events, parties, trade shows, model portfolios and as a gift for that special someone.

In marketing, bodypainting offers an sure-fire way to make your brand unforgettable. At parties and night clubs, face and body art makes the perfect ice breaker, bringing people together in the spirit of art and fun. Furthermore, face and body art offers unparalleled exposure for your event. There's very few other means of entertainment that will have your guests snapping as many pictures, or posting and bragging about the pictures on Facebook, Myspace and other venues on the web. Word of mouth is the best type of advertizing, and face and body art will have everyone talking.

World-Class Quality in this art is available in Canada. Bravo Body Art's services are competitively priced for the quality of work provided. There's never harm in asking what Bravo Body Art can do for you. Please feel free to contact us and see where our collaborations can take us!


Sean and Jana on the Cover of Illusion Magazine!

It is a proud proud day at Bravo Body Art! Sean Avram has made the cover of Illusion Magazine! This is a very high honour and one of the greatest personal accomplishments of Sean's Body Art carreer. If that wasn't enough, Illusion Publications has also featured Sean with a bevvy of fabulous artists in the new "Illusion and Friends book 2" An amazing step by step book for face and body painters of any skill level. Want to get a copy of the magazine? They can be purchased on line:

In Canada :

Everywhere Else: Illusion Magazine


A Word from Sean Avram:

"I love the colour and motion of body art. The challenge of fitting a design on a unique canvas each and every time is exciting. But more than that is the ability to empower the people behind my art. Positive attention is simply dumped on the people I paint. Everyone who comes in contact with them stops and remarks about how great they look. This warms my heart, as I see just how beautiful and magestic the people I paint feel. No matter what your age or body type, everyone deserves a chance to feel beautiful and special, and knowing that I've helped many people see that in themselves is the greatest part of my work."

If any of your questions are not answered on this website, please feel free to email: any time.


Sean Mural's

Sean's been busy this year on a very special project. Be sure to see it if you're ever in downtown St. Thomas, ON. "Kenny Iguana's" is the name of the newest restaurant and nightclub in the downtown core. It features amazing live music, fantastic food and just over 1000 square feet of Sean's stunning artwork. The theme within the restaurant is a tropical resort coupled with Sean's attention to detail, bold colour choices and playful characters. Sean is responsible for the artwork on the 5 garage doors inside the building, the 41 foot wide fence on the back patio, some illustrative decorative work on the walls as well as the front sign and all the graphic design for the Kenny Iguana's Logo.

Sean is very proud of the work at Kenny Iguana's and would like to thank Ken, Melissa and the rest of the team for their continued support of local art.



Service Update


Looking to customize your toys? Helmets, guitars, T-shirts, Leather Jackets, Golf Clubs, Cars, Motorcycles and Murals can now be commissioned from Bravo Body Art. No design is too challenging, no job is too big or too small.


Want to be painted?

Ever want to be fully bodypainted? No experience is quite like it. Sean will transform you into a walking, moving, breathing work of art. You do not have to be a super model for this to happen. Private bodypaint sessions usually take between 2 and 6 hours depending on the complexity of the design. Sean will paint you in a design of your choice, or will create something himself for you. After painting, the photography session begins. If you've never modeled before, do not worry, Sean is very well versed in assisting beginning models on how to pose to best show themselves and the art off. Get painted as a gift for that special someone, add it to your modeling portfolio, or do it just for the experience!

Bravo Body Art can work to any budget, and can accomplish any look you desire.

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Last Update: June 2011